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Awesome Service!

I was reluctant to call in an IT Consulting firm as I do have an IT degree! However, i was lucky enough to get the main man (Charles Anderson M.Sc.) overseeing out project from start to finish. I hate all the puns in IT but you really could write what he does not know on a postage stamp! Not only did he set us up PDQ but he rolled out an entirely new technology that even i was unaware of! Even after 6 months we have saved money and over the next financial year our profit is up 180% I have learned a great deal!

Carlos Everett

An Amazing Team

Although i must confess some of the guys were sub-contractors for eSecure, they really were the best in the business. My main goal was to be setup and running with all the latest kit and absolute minimum time. We now have one of the most promising young Blockchain Development setups in Europe. Kevin was also able to source and provide some of the very latest equipment several months before general release due to his relationship with the various manufacturers. This has effectively ‘Future Proofed’ us for the near future at least. The entire project lifecycle took only 18 days and as far as i am concerned, this is unprecedented. Keep up the good work guys!

Harry Russell

A Seamless Relocation Plus ...

eSecure delivered a completely Seamless Office Relocation and a whole new first rate Data Redundancy Setup.  They were not the cheapest quote we had but what they have delivered has turned out to be a complete game changer for our business and is already producing considerable savings – with super efficiency tagged on. All we wanted was a simple painless Office Relocation Service. However as they specialise in Business Process Redesign (BPR) we decided to give them a try. We were convinced our systems could not be significantly improved – big mistake. Truth be known I would have paid many times what they asked if i had known how the end result would turn out. I am so pleased I would strongly recommend them to anyone.

Sue Richards